Do radar detectors work?

First blog  post  vi without customization

I got my first Radar detector years ago, as a teenager I bought it at Wal-Mart it was a cobra detector for 150. I set it on the window, and immediately noticed the stupid thing beeped at every store gas station, and all those speed limit signs we all hate. But it did detect police radar so yes it worked, the trouble with Radar detector is radar is every where, so many devices use radar its not even funny. So you get allot of false alarms with these devices, but when they do work let me tell you they will save your bacon.

My old cobra was more an entry level unit, I eventually sold it because I got fed up with it, that is what happens to most people that buy these units and try to  and do not take the time to learn the technology, as you can see from the picture I posted I now upgraded my detector. that unit pictured is a valentine one radar detector, the v1 has such a horrible reputation for being chatty, and if you watch the video I posted you can see why.  But what people do not realize is not every radar detector is right for everyone, the v1 needs to be set up correctly and customized.

Other detectors can be installed with minimal tweaking, but my v1 is not like that you need understand how to program it. You also need to look into what radar types are used in your area, in California cops only use ka band, I did not know this when I got my cobra and I ended up selling it. If you keep k band on the v1 will beep non stop, this is the main reason people return them. But if you set up the detector correctly enable the right settings than it will be the best investment you can make. This article is a summary later I will post a guide on radar detectors, and show you guys how to set up the v1, hopefully I can post a video of v1 factory stock and v1 correctly set up.


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